Herb Seed Pencil

R11.99 ex VAT and Branding

  • High-quality handmade Seed Pencil.
  • When the end is placed in soil and watered the seed housed in the pencil begins to germinate.
  • 100% natural ingredients – no lead or toxic substances.
  • All seeds are GMO and Pesticide FREE.


Prices are ex VAT and Branding.

All pencils are pre-branded with the Seed Pencil Brand and we can quote on co-branding.

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About Herb Seed Pencil

The Herb Seed Pencil contains selected herb seeds embedded in a capsule in it’s tip. Herbs possess aromatic and/or savory properties used for medical, fragrant, flavoring and garnishing purposes. Most popularity used in the culinary field, herbs are distinguished from spices as being the leafy green or flowing parts of plants. Spices are generally produced from drying out of the seeds, fruit, bark or roots of the plant.

Even though some herbs grow annually, some even take two years to grow and are know as biennials. After each growing season the herb plant dies back into the ground. Luckily, because they are know as seed-bearing plants, their seeds allow for the germination of the next growing season. Other herbs like lavender, sage and rosemary are more shrub like herbs and do not die out every year. All herbs were classified by a woody stem, which posed the problem that it included a lot of fauna. Fauna were then divided into 3 parts – trees, shrubs and herbs. Herbs were placed into 3 further groups – sweet herbs (thyme), salad herbs (celery) and pot herbs (onions). Pot herbs later changed to vegetables

A list of the most common herbs are on offer in the Seed Pencil’s, but should you have a special request – give us a shout.


About Seed Pencil

Seed Pencils are an sustainable and Eco-friendly gift. Whether it be for corporate or household use, the seed pencil applies to people of all ages and backgrounds. A great corporate image will be portrayed to clients, with it being sustainable and Eco-friendly. On top of that, there is the added benefit that it is different, interactive and also in the clients sight and thoughts. Because of the Seed Pencils nature, in the household, individuals can practices sustainability, which is a great learning curve for younger members as well.

If you are not too keen on the Herb Seed Pencil, try our Flower Seed Pencil, Vegetable Seed Pencil or Seed Pencil Sets. All orders are facilitated and manufactured by The Promo Group in South Africa.

Capsule Colour

Black, Navy, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, White

Seed Options

Basil, Coriander, Fennel, Parsley, Rocket